EverRejoicing.com is dedicated to helping people be successful in their everyday lives. We talk about practical day-to-day matters and share ideas for moving ahead in strengthening relationships, families, communities, careers and financial security. Some of our posts come from our own experiences and others are intended to help you find other resources for ideas and help about what matters to you.

We are convinced that God wants us to live successful, joy-filled lives and is willing to help us do just that.  This is borne out by our own experience and relationship with Him, and by the content of His Book, the Bible.  It is filled with stories about people and their choices, presenting numerous short studies of men and women who serve as either good examples or bad ones.  It can teach us much about being successful at work, at home, and in the larger world.

As the great prophet Isaiah wrote, “Be glad; rejoice forever in my creation!” *

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* Isaiah 65:18, NLT